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General Education Courses and Transferability

Each institution may have a unique name for the suite of coursework, most broadly referred to as general education requirements, which are required in addition to the major specific coursework for undergraduate degree completion. General Education requirements include foundational coursework in communications, social science, natural science, mathematics, humanities, and fine arts. On average, 40-45 credit hours are included in the general education requirements. 

Did you know that most Associate of Arts degrees (often referred to as "2-year degree") require completion of 60 credit hours and the average Bachelor of Science degree (often referred to as a "4-year degree") requires completion of 124 credit hours. With careful planning, ECP students may choose to complete an Associate of Arts degree upon graduation from high school. Click HERE for information on MCC Associate of Arts degree requirements. 

Missouri CORE 42 (MOTRansfer) legislation guarantees the transfer of credit to any two-and-four-year public institutions and many private institutions across the state of Missouri. Click the link below for more information. 



MCC general education courses are highly transferable to universities and colleges across the Unites States. It is always best practice to check with specific institutions about transfer credit policies.

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